Enterprises today face a myriad of challenges with the mobilization and consumerization of IT. As smartphones and consumer applications are rapidly proliferating throughout the workplace, it has become evident that IT departments need to fundamentally rethink existing security infrastructure in order to adjust to the devices and applications that professionals want to use.

To mitigate the risks of BYOD initiatives while still allowing professionals a way to work efficiently and collaboratively, enterprises must be proactive in implementing strategies that enable and optimize worker mobility. By effectively reducing the risks associated with IT consumerization, enterprises will be able to reap the benefits of an on-the-go workforce while also ensuring the safety and privacy of their own network and data.

Mobility as a Service and Means of Business Optimization

Offering government-grade encryption protection, SODA’s Virtual Token is based on a NIST FIPS-certified Enterprise PKI that provides an end-to-end solution for credential management to enable secure remote access, network access, digital signing, and mobile payments.

Designed to work seamlessly with existing corporate networks and storage infrastructures to facilitate the security of mobile applications, SODA’s vToken provides a better and more scalable way for IT departments to manage user profiles, provision credentials for authentication, and secure information from third-parties.

Here’s how SODA’s vToken works:

SODA’s vToken offers a virtualized PKI-based strong authentication solution that allows users access to any app, on any platform, with one user login credential. vToken provides enterprises with an easy way to manage mobile applications while also ensuring the safety of sensitive content that’s being accessed.

The SODA vToken Server facilitates:

  • Cross-platform virtual token management
  • Single credential login across SODA enterprise applications
  • Querying of public credentials of other SODA enterprise application users
  • Based on in-house developed Enterprise PKI in compliant to industry standards

The capability of supporting personalization of a virtual token enables the vToken solution to be customized for a wider range of functionalities. One example is the case of online payment that requires personalization of virtual cards and the protection of sensitive card information on mobile devices.

SODA’s Mobile Suite for Enterprises was built upon the Company’s cross-platform software API’s which provide strong cryptographic functionalities. Corporations can leverage these API’s to build their own strategic applications or integrate with existing applications to satisfy growing demand for data privacy and their mobile business needs.